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      Automatic production line Pistons
      Vertical machining center
      Piston special equipment
        Tel: +86-543-3288728
        Fax: +86-543-3289188
        E-mail: bhjj@bhpiston.com
        Add: No 569 Bohai 21 Road
        Bizhou City China

      Binzhou Bohai Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of automotive parts and special equipment, has 40 years of professional design and manufacturing history. A number of national and provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, with a number of national patents. Product design and manufacturing in one, covering the entire process of production of the piston. The main products are various types of automatic casting machine piston, the piston machining equipment, automatic piston detection machines, universal CNC lathes, machining centers, special-shaped pin hole boring machine, a combination of boring, boring rod pin hole and liner casting and machine plus equipment.
            Companies based on automation, intelligent, efficient and user-friendly design, has developed a headstand piston automatic line, automatic production line truss piston, articulated piston automatic production line car, three automatic piston production lines. Boat Piston automatic casting machine, heavy truck automatic piston casting machine, automatic car piston casting machine altogether three six models. Achieve a foundry, machining, testing of automated production.
            Company's main products are:
            Automatic Piston Casting Machine
            Automatic piston production line
            Automatic Inspection Machine
            Shaped pin hole boring machine
            Combination boring
            Autoloader ring machine
            Automatic hard oxygen line
            Inlay ring, inner cold testing machine
            Link pin hole boring machine
            Cylinder casting and machining equipment

      Binzhou Bohai Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.(C)2012
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